"Rects and Raindrops" Generative Art

Brian Gershon

Contributing to the future of Web3


  • At 3NUM we're building the first Web3 mobile number minted as a NFT, which protects identity and provides secure messaging.

  • Founder of Wild Hare Technologies, a consultancy building applications and contracts on the blockchain.

  • Member of Developer DAO which is a community of people who are learning and building with Web3. Core team member of Developer DAO Academy.

Engineering Interests

  • creating web applications involving fungible and non-fungible tokens, secure messaging with XMTP, Ethereum Name Service.
  • contributing to open-source projects.
  • writing smart contracts on Ethereum and Polygon with Solidity.
  • building front-ends with Next.js, Astro, TypeScript, React, Tailwind.
  • working within the Developer DAO and SeattleJS communities.

My POAP Collection

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Image of POAP tokenId 6599294 owned by Brian Gershon
ENS 6th Anniversary — May 4th 2023
Image of POAP tokenId 6589875 owned by Brian Gershon
Web 3.0 Unleashed presented by T-Mobile Wholesale
Image of POAP tokenId 6439879 owned by Brian Gershon
Developer DAO - 2023 Roadmap - P-23
Image of POAP tokenId 6439873 owned by Brian Gershon
Developer DAO - S2 - Community Manager Elections
Image of POAP tokenId 6419966 owned by Brian Gershon
You've met Owenrogers.eth at ETHDenver 2023

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